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Uprated Fuel Tank Sending Unit MGB 1965-77

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This is an Uprated Fuel Tank Sending (Sender) unit for a MGB 1965 to 1977 to Chassis number 415000. This modern design is made from a Acetyl (Acetal) Copolymer which is the highest grade of fuel resistant plastic. As with the float it is made from Nitrophyl® ,both are designed resist all gasoline and methanol fuels plus this type of unit gives the most accurate reading. As for the electronics, they are made on modern ceramic with palladium silver conductor pattern that come into contact with the contact arm that is made of phosphor bronze. All of this means long life and accurate measurement. No more worrying about a sinking float or if your really have that much fuel left in your tank. Best of all they are made in the UK by people that know British cars.

****NOTE This unit has Three terminals, the first terminal has a boot covering the blade, it is not used. The second middle terminal is the hook up for the gauge. Last the third terminal is needed to run a ground wire. Call for details. ****

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