Trailing Arm Bushing Kit Nylatron TR4A to TR6

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Fits TR4A with IRS, 1968 TR250 and 1969-1976 Triumph TR6. For customers looking for the highest performance bushing for the rear trailing arm on their Triumph TR4A IRS, Triumph TR250 or Triumph TR6, this set is for you. These self-lubricating, moly impregnated, Nylatron suspension bushings will improve the handling of your Triumph. Rubber or Polyurethane bushings compress under load causing the suspension to change the geometry which upsets the suspension settings. Nylatron bushings eliminate this problem and will not deflect or move like a standard bushing. You will also feel a sharp increase in the hardness of the ride of your car. With very little give in the Nylantron bushings, more road feel with be transmitted to the body of the car and driver. Also included in the kit are stainless steel wear sleeves which eliminate bushing failures caused by rusting sleeves and shims to ensure there is a perfect tight fit in your trailing arm brackets. Get a solid feel back to your Triumph TR4A IRS, Triumph TR250 and Triumph TR6 with this kit.

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