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HD Lucas Head Gasket Set MGB 62 to 74

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Brand New head gasket set. Fits MGB's from 1962-1974.5. Super nice Lucas Brand quality gasket set with every piece made in the UK. This set includes the heavy duty version of the head gasket. Made by Lucas in the UK this is the best head gasket set to use in your 1962 to 1974 MGB. Included in the kit will be all the gaskets that you will need to remove the cylinder head. Plus each gasket set includes a heavy duty gaskets are made with a perforated steel core, stainless steel fire rings and elastomer surface coating that heats very evenly. Another advantage of the coating is it is heat reactive for superior sealing over stock head gaskets and has extra red sealing beads (SAC track silicon bead) around problem areas to guard against weepage. No blown head gasket on your MGB with this head gasket. With the Lucas brand gaskets each head gasket is stamped Lucas and it is 100% produced and manufactured in the UK. These are fresh production so no fear of old gaskets breaking due to age.

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