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Dummy Voltage Regulator-Plug In Terminals NCB101 RB106 READ DESCRIPTION

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Brand new Dummy Voltage Regulator for cars using a alternator conversion with an NCB101 A.K.A. RB106 voltage regulator with plug in terminals. PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON CARS WITH AN ALTERNATOR CONVERSION WITH INTERNAL REGULATOR! This is a perfect way to maintain the stock look of the car and make an easy conversion using a generator to alternator conversion. This makes the conversion to one of our generator to alternator units even easier. These have a built in fuse for safety. 

Cars using the NCB101 MG Midgets and Austin Healey Sprites from 1962-1969, Austin Healey 300 from roughly 1962-1963 and later MGA 1600's. These have Spade Type push on Terminals. The exact year the regulators changed from screw type to spade connections was inconsistent and hard to determine based on year so its best to check the type of connections you have the car. If you have any questions please ask as we would be happy to help.

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