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Crankshaft Damper 3/8 Triumph TR250 TR6 1969, GT6

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100% brand new crankshaft damper with pulley for the Triumph TR250, GT6, and 1969 TR6 (To CC80027E) which is a 3/8 Belt . For years your only option for a Triumph TR6 crankshaft dampener was to try to have your rebuilt. If you could have yours rebuilt the odds of having your timing marks line up was lucky at best. Our Triumph TR250 TR6 damper is made in Germany for the best quality and functionality. Each pulley in fully balanced , correct timing marks stamped into the pulley, ready to bolt on. Replace you old dampener warm out cracked crankshaft dampener on your Triumph TR6. ***Note this 3/8 belt ***

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