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Suspension Kit TR3 TR4

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Part Number:GAC6068
This is a 76 piece suspension kit for a Triumph TR3 to Triumph TR4. One kit does both sides of the car. Kit includes: 8-Upper Wishbone bushings (102228), 4-washers(WM69) , 4-Cotter Pin (PC10), 4-Slotted Nuts (NL607041), 4-Lower Wishbone Bushing Outer (101615), 8-Thrust Washers (101533), 8-Wishbone seal (134319), 4-Lock Washers (101591), 8-Nylock nuts (GHF274/GHF224), 8-Nylon Washer (110697), 8-Rubber Seal(134319), 4-Nylon Bushings (110696) and 4-Steel Bushings (110695). Take the Shimmy out of your Triumph with this complete kit and keep you Triumph tight on the road. Cross Reference 660-988, GAC6068X

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