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Radiator Hose Upper Sprite Midget 68 to 74

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This is the upper radiator hose for a Austin Healey Sprite 1968 to 1969 with a Cross Flow Radiator and a MG Midget 1968 to 1974 with a cross flow radiator. The cross flow radiator in the Austin Healey Sprite from Chassis number 72034 and MG Midget from Chassis number 60441 can be identified by the radiator tanks are on the side of the radiator (Left or Right). Water moves from left to right. Replacing your radiator hoses is one way to minimize the chance of engine failure and breakdowns. A visual inspection of your hoses can help you determine the proper time to replace them. Cracks, bulges, and hardened hoses are all signs that your radiator hoses are nearing the end of their useful life. But other unseen problems can occur from the inside which is called and electrochemical attack on the rubber compound in the hose from sitting for long periods. This is most common failure now days in Classic British cars. Another sign is poor heating system performance also indicates a problem with your hoses. Heat, vibrations, and corrosion are all contributing factors to bad radiator hoses. A coolant leak in either green, red, or yellow liquid is another warning sign of a cracked or corroded radiator hose that should be replaced. Bad hoses can cause serious engine damage through an overheating engine or catastrophic failure. Order a new set of hoses before your old hoses leave you some where you don't want to be. Cross Reference 470-390

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