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Brake Master Cylinder Uprated 100-6 3000 BN4, BN6, BN7, BT7, BJ7

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With this master cylinder set you will be able to improve the brake feel with your non-power brake Austin Healey. Using the larger 3/4" (.750") bore brake master cylinder you will increase the fluid travel by 17 Percent. More fluid traveling to the cylinders will give more pressure and a shorter pedal. All of us are spoiled by modern cars with short pedal travels and the longer pedal travel of the older Austin Healey's can be very alarming. There are two different push rods used on the Austin Healey's so we have included both in this kit. No other modifications will need to be made, the cylinder will bolt up the same and have the same brake line sizes. Put this on today and have your Austin Healey stop with confidence. Cross Reference 513-320

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