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Thousands of Parts Available

 We source our parts from a variaty of venders.  In fact, we import many of our parts directly from the United Kingdom.  This equates to both quality and substantial savings on hundreds of items. However, because we are a relatively small operation it simply is not feasable at this time for us  to be able to stock thousands of items.  However, we have access to over 20,000 parts for British cars.   We typically offer around a 10% savings from the catalog price of major vendors.
How it works:  If you would like to order one small part to a new Supercharger  please contact us for a quote.  You will hear from us very quikly if not immediately. We do our best to offer the best price possible.     
Why bother ordering parts with us?  Simple: Service and savings.  We not only give you a nice discount but tremendous technical support.  We are available most every day and night for technical support.  When you contact us you will be dealing with an experienced mechanic who sells parts, not just someone who took a job to answer the phone and has been trained to deal with some technical issues.   Theres a good chance the repair you are doing we have performed dozens of times.  But if we don't know the answer thats when the real work begins.  We will not just say "well sorry that I couldn't help."  But we will do everything possible to figure out the solution.  Let us do the research for you!  Why do we do this?  Well because our passion is to fix sports cars.   That's what Sports Car Parts Ltd. is all about.